“Josh’s Letters” to the Territorial Entrtprise, July 1862, Part 2.

This item is no doubt by Sam Clemens,  the letter is the only source found that mentions Sol Carter, who was in  the Blind Lead Episode in Roughing It, Clemens owned feet in an extension of  the Pride of Utah, the Annapolitan claim.

We extract the following intelligence from the Territorial Enterprise of July 20th. A correspondent, writing from Esmeralda, July 13tb, says :

    The new rich lode popularly known as Johnson’s Ledge, is a cross ledge running through the Pride of Utah and the Wide West, and is the one from which these two companies have been taking their wonderful rock. Johnson is sinking a shaft on it. During the week the Wide West Company have sprung an injunction upon the Pride of Utah, and stopped that company from working—which was the severest blow the prosperity of the district has yet received—for, otherwise, by this time, fifty men and a dozen teams would be constantly at work for the Pride of Utah. But on the 8th, the Pride of Utah boys returned the injunction compliment upon the Wide West in a rather novel manner. The excavations of the two companies have run together and early on the morning of the 8th, some disinterested members of the Pride of Utah Company built a fire of such aromatic fuel as old boots, Vans, etc., in the bottom of their shaft, and closed up the top, thus converting the Wide West shaft into a chimney. As there was scarcely room enough for the smoke, of course there was no room at all for workmen—and labor was suspended in both ledges, for that day at least. This injunction business has, as one might have guessed, led to a lawsuit. It will be commenced tomorrow; and I observe that McConnell has come down to take a hand in it. After the Wide West had served the injunction, they proceeded, of course, to seize upon all Pride of Utah bullion, amalgam and quartz lying at that time in the mills, Pine, the officer who attached that portion of the property which was at Clayton’s mill, informed me that be took charge of one hundred and twenty one pounds of good solid bullion (more than half gold), the yield of twenty nine tons of Pride of Utah rock.
Sol. Carter purchased sixteen hundred pounds of decomposed Pride of Utah rock from the company, in the beginning of the week, for which he paid one dollar a pound in cash, and shipped said rock to San Francisco by his pack train. The Wide West Company sent a constable after the train, but I have not heard that his errand was successful. I was informed that a pound and a half of this rock was prospected and yielded about an ounce of gold.

July 22, 1862, Sacramento Daily Union,


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