Jumping A Graveyard

   After reporting on the Territorial Legislature in Carson City, for the Enterprise, Clemens returned to Virginia City. He again took up his duties as local editor for that paper. The following events occurred during the last days of the legislature and only were now being reported, in the Territorial Enterprise, of Thursday, Christmas Day, December 25, 1862.
Jumping A Graveyard — On Saturday persons in this city took possession of the Catholic cemetery, located in the southeast part of this town, and commenced the work of fencing it in and building thereon a house. When this became known throughout the city, there came near a bloody row over the notice. Many armed themselves and were for proceeding indecently to the burying ground, to drive the jumpers away by force of arms, but better council prevailed and they were induced to await the actions of the authorities in the affair. A meeting was held on Sunday evening last at the Catholics church, and resolutions adopted winch strongly censured those attempted to decorate consecrated ground. However, as the difficulty in regard to the ownership of the ground is likely to be settled without a resort to arms, the aforesaid resolutions are suppressed.

San Francisco Bulletin, December 29, 1862.


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