Sam Clemens: A Reporters Earliest Items for the Territorial Enterprise.

According to the Territorial Enterprise, all mining Recorders are done away with. Says that journal of the 14th instant:
The Old Mining Records. — there is a call for miners’ meeting on Monday next, for the purpose of electing a Recorder. There will probably be no one found willing to take the office, as by an Act of the last Legislature, mining property was made real estate, and is required to be recorded in the office of the County Recorder. As these old mining district records are of great importance to all owning claims in the district, it is necessary that they should be carefully preserved in someplace where they may be conveniently examined, and we would recommend that they be placed in the keeping of the County Recorder, with the late mining records. As all mining claims must, according to the laws of the Territory, be recorded in the office of the County Recorder, the old office of District Recorder is virtually abolished, and should such an officer be elected, the only duty he would ever be called upon to perform, would be to safely preserve the old books of record.

The Mexican Independence Day.

The Mexicans celebrated the eve of “their Fourth of July” on the 15th. They beat the Yankees all hollow in their jubilees, with their music, suppers, torch-light parades, fandangos, illuminations, fire-works, cannonading. They celebrated all day and at night had a magnificent fandango twice more splendid that the last, “regardless of expense.” American celebrations are nowhere. Nothing but the seven days’ battle before Richmond can equal a Mexican Independence fete.

San Francisco Bulletin, September 20, 1862, p.1




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